Forby Votes for Rauner Education Plan…But His Campaign Ad Blames Fowler

For Immediate Release

August 21, 2016

(Harrisburg) -- Gary Forby has begun airing a campaign ad that attacks Dale Fowler for supposedly backing Governor Rauner’s education plan. 

The hypocrisy? Forby voted for Rauner’s education plan.

Forby voted for and then praised the education budget the governor signed. Forby issued a press release on June 30th in which he said, “Southern Illinois schools will not only open on time this fall, but we will finally see our fair share.”

Forby’s ad claims that Fowler wants to take school funding from Southern Illinois and give it to Chicago. 

The hypocrisy? The source cited in the ad actually says, “Regarding education funding, Fowler said the state should not be transferring funding from communities outside of the Chicago area.”

This ad comes after Gary Forby himself voted for SB 2048, the $7 billion unbalanced Madigan budget that would have given Chicago Public Schools a massive bailout. 

“I know Gary is fighting for his job, but I’m worried about jobs for the people across Southern Illinois. These politicians have left our students and seniors all alone for more than ten years; leaving people in Southern Illinois to fend for themselves while their elected officials are busy raising millions of dollars from Springfield and Chicago to pay for ads like this. The people of Southern Illinois deserve better,” said Fowler.


Watch the ad here:


Bruce Rauner and banker Dale Fowler in one corner. 

Southern Illinois in the other. 

Bruce Rauner has funneled cash to back Dale Fowler for State Senate. 

And now Fowler backs Rauner’s plan that would hurt our schools…

Sending our tax dollars to Chicago. 

Fowler even vowed to support Rauner’s funding plan, 

That leaves Southern IL schools against the ropes. 

Rauner/Fowler’s school plan is a knockout…

For the Chicago area. 

Don’t let Rauner and Fowler leave Southern Illinois down and out.


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