Fair Education Funding – Our students deserve the same level of education regardless of geography. For over a decade, our students have been short-changed when it comes to funding their education. Our schools deserve their fair share of education funding…NOW.

Local Leadership – Decisions on what is best for our students should be made only after considering the suggestions of local students, parents and teachers. These groups are better equipped to make classroom-based decisions rather than special interests in Springfield and Chicago.

Classroom Focus – Our state needs to focus our education spending on actual classroom dollars. We must retain and reward our talented teachers while empowering parents to stay active in their child’s education.

Leader in Technology – Technology is key to the educational success of our students. In today’s fast-paced environment, our students cannot afford to be left behind.

Vocational Education – Not every student is interested in pursuing a four-year degree. These students deserve the opportunity to receive entry level training in high school for the skilled trade or technical jobs currently demanded by our local economy. This training would prepare them for tech schools, apprenticeships or entering the work force directly.


Too many hard-working people in Southern Illinois can’t find a job. It is time to get our government working again so companies can feel confident investing in Illinois. We cannot rely on our state government to create jobs. The growth we need must come from the private sector. In order to foster this much needed capital investment; we must take steps to make Illinois more competitive.

Over the last two years, Dale has been instrumental in attracting over $60 million of capital investment to Harrisburg. These investments alone have resulted in the creation of more than 200 new jobs.


Coal has all ready powered this country for generations and Southern Illinois has enough coal to keep our lights on for many generations to come. Coal reserves are a significant economic advantage to our area. Producing these resources provides our local economy with thousands of good paying jobs. Over the last ten years, the Democratic Party’s war on coal has caused real damage to us here in Southern Illinois. Our coal miners need a stronger voice in Springfield.


For over a year now our state has been operating without a budget and hurting kids and seniors and veterans that need our help. That is simply unacceptable.

If we are going to be able to overcome the significant challenges that we face, we need to address Illinois’ state budget from a fresh perspective.

We must take those who deserve consistent funding like our schools, veterans, seniors and disabled and create dedicated funding streams that are re-appropriated every year.

This takes some of the politics out of the budget process, and keeps our most vulnerable citizens out of the political bickering.

Career politicians have abused our trust and the people of Southern Illinois are paying the price. Dedicated funding streams for those who deserve our help is just common sense.


Southern Illinois is fortunate to have so many veterans in each of our communities. These men and women span generations of wars and conflicts. Unfortunately many of the programs intended to benefit our veterans have fallen victim to political bickering in Springfield.

Those individuals who wore our nation’s uniform deserve access to the very best medical care, as well as important educational and employment opportunities. Programs supporting our veterans deserve dedicated funding streams to ensure their benefits are never put on hold for political reasons.


In Illinois, entrenched incumbents control campaign finance laws and gerrymander electoral districts to consolidate political power with legislative leaders. These long-sitting politicians are able to manipulate the system to remain in power, serving themselves and special interests.

Our broken system has left us with a broken state government. To move Illinois forward, we need citizen legislators focused on serving the people of Southern Illinois rather than worried about their re-election. Term limits and fair election maps will help give Southern Illinois its voice back.


Our second amendment rights are an integral part of our culture in Southern Illinois. We must always protect the responsible gun owners of Southern Illinois from the political overreach of Chicago special interests. I am a member of the NRA.


Life begins at conception and ends at natural death. Defending life, especially for the most vulnerable has always been a priority in Southern Illinois. I promise to bring our priorities to Springfield and give our most vulnerable a voice.

We must also focus on making adopting easier. Reducing adoption-related costs can have a major impact on increasing the quality of life for children in need of a loving family.

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