NEWS: Delta Regional Authority, state and local partners invest $7 million into Illinois economy

CLARKSDALE, Miss. – The Delta Regional Authority and its partners are investing more than $7 million in federal, state, and local resources to support small business owners and entrepreneurs, workers and their families by improving economic development, infrastructure, and job creation in southern Illinois’ Delta region, Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill and Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Director Jim Schultz announced today.


“The DRA is excited to announce another year of investing into the people, small businesses, and infrastructure that will help make southern Illinois a great place to create jobs, grow businesses, and raise a family,” Chairman Masingill said. “These investments strategically leverage funding for projects that will help to address the infrastructure and public service needs of our Delta communities while driving economic development and growing small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

The four new investments, including infrastructure improvements that support economic development, leverage $773,000 in DRA resources into nearly $7.2 million in total public and private investment for Illinois’ Delta communities, their residents, and their economies.

These investments are expected to help create and retain 51 jobs for local residents.

Number of Projects DRA Resources Leveraged Funds Total Investment
4 $773,722 $6,395,000 $7,168,722
“Investing in the infrastructure of our communities to support regional economic development in southern Illinois is critical. These investments by the Delta Regional Authority can spark the investment of substantially more public funds and private capital to make southern Illinois a more attractive place for businesses to locate, expand, and create jobs for hard-working Illinoisans,” Director Schultz said.

The investments are made through the DRA States’ Economic Development Assistance Program, the agency’s main federal funding program that invests in basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce development, and small business and entrepreneurship, and health access projects in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state Delta region. DRA coordinates directly with Illinois’ five planning and development districts in the region for program funding implementation.

DRA leadership works closely with the governor of each state and his board designee to identify projects to receive SEDAP investments, which are aligned with state economic development goals. These federal investments require a minimal investment of state funds that can bring a large return in DRA and other agency funding and result in a great economic impact for the Delta region of southern Illinois.

“Today’s announcement shows how federal dollars can be used to leverage additional resources to help fund important local projects. Every one of these critical transportation and infrastructure upgrades will help create local jobs and spur economic development throughout Southern Illinois,” U.S. Senator Dick Durbin said.

“The support the Delta Regional Authority provides to small, rural communities along the Mississippi River is vital to economic development,” U.S. Congressman John Shimkus said. “I’m pleased to learn that this year’s DRA investment in Harrisburg will help five different local businesses keep 25 workers on the job.”


1. Industrial Park Road Extension, Grayville (IL-15): Extension of Stephenson Street within the industrial park, which has attracted six businesses to the park in the past year and has invested over $1 million in utility extensions to the park. The majority of these businesses are support industries for oil and gas production (1 job to be created and 10 jobs to be retained). DRA Investment: $263,861; Leveraged Public Investment: $30,000; Private Capital Investment: $400,000.

2. Flood Pump Station Upgrades, Harrisburg (IL-15): Removal of debris at a flood pump station to alleviate flooding to five businesses which have experienced flooding in the past and will have to relocate if there is future flooding (25 jobs to be retained). DRA Investment: $84,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $20,000.

3. East College Street Reconstruction, Energy (IL-12): Reconstruction of East College Street, which is an alternative connection to Route 13 between Carbondale and Marion and acts as a primary transportation route for multiple businesses and centers of community interest (2 jobs to be created and 8 jobs to be retained) DRA Investment: $325,861; Leveraged Public Investment: $200,000; Private Capital Investment: $300,000.

4. Jubel Drive Relocation, Sparta (IL-12): Relocation of Jubel Street to help Spartan Light Metals expand their business to allow for more efficient production and product transportation (5 jobs to be created). DRA Investment: $100,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $445,000; Private Capital Investment: $5,000,000.

For the recording of the conference call announcing these projects, visit DRA’s SoundCloud site.

About the Delta Regional Authority

The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership created by Congress in 2000 to help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives through strategic investments in economic development in 252 counties and parishes across eight states. Through the past thirteen investment cycles of the DRA’s States Economic Development Assistance Program, DRA investments have leveraged $2.7 billion in other public and private investment into projects that are helping to create and retain 42,000 jobs, train 13,000 for a 21st century workforce, and provide more than 82,000 families access to clean water and sewer services. Learn more at


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